Lewis Helfand

A comic book writer with a wide range of credits both in and outside of the comic book industry,
he is the founder and publisher of Yellow Nightmares Press and the creator of Wasted Minute
and 4320. When he's not writing his own comics, he spends his free time reading other people's
comics and watching entire seasons of TV shows in mere days.


Graphic Novels

The Time Machine (Campfire Comics)

A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (Campfire Comics)

Kim (Campfire Comics)

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (Campfire Comics)

Gulliver's Travels (Campfire Comics)

The Wright Brothers (Campfire Comics)

Photobooth (Campfire Comics)

400 BC (Campfire Comics)

Conquering Everest (Campfire Comics)

Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul (Campfire Comics)

Muhammad Ali: The King Of The Ring (Campfire Comics)

Abraham Lincoln: From The Log Cabin To The White House (Campfire Comics)

Martin Luther King Jr: Let Freedom Ring (Campfire Comics)

Mother Teresa: Angel Of The Slums (Campfire Comics)

They Changed The World: Edison, Tesla, Bell (Campfire Comics)

Icons of Rock and Roll (Bluewater Productions)

Unmasked Seeking Same (Yellow Nightmares Press)

World War Two: Under the Shadow of the Swastika  (Campfire Comics)

They Changed The World: Crick & Watson  (Campfire Comics)

Comic Books

Wasted Minute #1: The Slow Death (Yellow Nightmares Press)

Wasted Minute #2: Compromise (Yellow Nightmares Press)

Wasted Minute #3: The Paycheck (Yellow Nightmares Press)

Wasted Minute #4: Old Wounds (Yellow Nightmares Press)

Wasted Minute #5: Wrong Place...Wrong Time (Yellow Nightmares Press)

4320 #1: Day 1 (Yellow Nightmares Press)

The Adventures Of Roxy Riley: Part 1 (East Coast Biker Magazine)

The Adventures Of Roxy Riley: Part 2 (East Coast Biker Magazine)

The Adventures Of Roxy Riley: Part 3 (East Coast Biker Magazine)

The Adventures Of Roxy Riley: Part 4 (East Coast Biker Magazine)

The Adventures Of Roxy Riley: Part 5 (East Coast Biker Magazine)

The Sixties (Bluewater Productions)

Comic Strips

Book Learnin' (The Funny Papers of Philadelphia, 2002-2004)

Short Stories

It's All In Your Head Part 1: Dreams (

It's All In Your Head Part 2: Revelation (

It's All In Your Head Part 3: Flight (

It's All In Your Head Part 4: Secrets (

It's All In Your Head Part 5: Regret (

It's All In Your Head Part 6: Faith (


Looking For Ms. Anything (Exposed Magazine)

From Habanero To Hero (

Buying The Right Computer For Campus Life: More Than College Term Papers (Computer Bits Magazine)

Learning To Sink (Metropolis)

Bologna: A Love Affair (The Funny Times)

Don't Mind The Screaming (The Funny Times)

Sorry, We're Closed (The Funny Times)

Sports Features

Blinded By Violence And Money (Exposed Magazine)

To The Edge And Back (Rockstar Magazine)

A Leap Of Faith (Rockstar Magazine)

Sports Columns

Exposing The Sixers' Myth Reveals Disappointment (InsideHoops)

Championships And The Missing Piece (InsideHoops)

And The Ring Goes To... (InsideHoops)

76ers Weekly Update (InsideHoops, 2002-2003)

In Defense Of The Best (American Health & Fitness)

Top 10 Coaches With The Highest Salaries (AskMen)

8 Team Owners Who Spend To Lose (AskMen)

Strikes And Lockouts In Professional Sports (AskMen)

The NBA After Jordan: Is There Hope (AskMen)

Pensions In Pro Sports (AskMen)

Pro Sports Contract Violations (AskMen)

Sportscaster Salaries (AskMen)

Overpaid Athletes Who Do Jack (AskMen)

Highest-Paid Racecar Drivers (AskMen)

Cutting Championship Payrolls (AskMen)

Top Athletes Over Forty (AskMen)

Top 10 Sports Mascots (AskMen)

Back To The Future (EmpireMag)

Ballin' Overseas: The NBA In Europe? (ClubPlanet)

From The Blacktop To The Hardwood: Legends Of The Street (ClubPlanet)

Sports Cycle (East Coast Biker Magazine)

Politics & Culture

California's Aryan Plan (Exposed Magazine)

Meth And The Desert: Cooking Up In Paradise (Exposed Magazine)

Ashcroft Straps On Anti-Porn Agenda (Exposed Magazine)

Earth Liberation Front: The Earth's Protectors Or Just Domestic Terrorists? (Exposed Magazine)

Bubba The Love Sponge Gets No Love From The FCC (Exposed Magazine)

One Nation Under God And Clear Channel (Exposed Magazine)

Castro--America's New Best Friend...Sort Of (Exposed Magazine)

New Life For The Dead (Rockstar Magazine)

The New Cable TV: Tastes Great And Less Channels (Rockstar Magazine)

The Digital Revolution (Rockstar Magazine)

Gambling On The Future (Rockstar Magazine)

Stripped: Censorship In American Stores (Rockstar Magazine)

Zero To Thirty In A Runaway Ball (Rockstar Magazine)


Not Rigged But Not Reality (Exposed Magazine)

The Winning Edge (SurvivorPW)

Hunting For Trouble (SurvivorPW)

Fear And Loathing In Palau (SurvivorPW)

The Enemy Of My Enemy (Rockstar Magazine)

DJ Heather: Ready For Anything (Vicious Magazine)

Fists Fly At Rock Paper Scissors Championship (The Naughty American)

Comic Books/Business

Comic Book Store Owner Faces Fine For Handing Adult Comic To Kid (The Naughty American)

How To Create A Licensed Character (Toy Directory Monthly)

Find And Develop A License (Toy Directory Monthly)

Paradoxy Products Simple Puzzles Conceal Challenges (Toy Directory Monthly)

Magnolia Floats Above The Competition (Toy Directory Monthly)

Rubik's And Trains Keep Electronics On Track (Toy Directory Monthly)

Comics: Reinvented Classics Lead The Way (Toy Directory Monthly)


The Blades Of Toledo (Renaissance Magazine)

Hamlet's Elsinore: Kronborg Castle (Renaissance Magazine)

Awards & Honors

Winner--Best Christian Comic 2016, Angouleme Christian Comics Festival. Awarded for Mother Teresa.

Honor Book Recipient--2014 South Asia Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature. Awarded for Mother Teresa.

Winner--Graphic Novel Of The Year 2011, Comic-Con India. Awarded for Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul.

Nominee--Best Writer 2012, Comic-Con India for Martin Luther King Jr.

Nominee--Best Writer 2013, Comic-Con India for Mother Teresa.

Nominee--Best Writer 2015, Comic Con India for They Changed The World: Edison-Tesla-Bell.

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