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Available at select retailers across the Philadelphia region and at comic book conventions throughout the country,
Wasted Minute can also be ordered directly through PayPal or by contacting Yellow Nightmares Press
at WastedMinute@aol.com. Or send a check to...

Yellow Nightmares Press
Attn: Lewis Helfand
PO Box 965
Narberth, PA 19072

Make checks payable to Lewis Helfand.
Please specify the issue and the number of copies you are ordering.
Shipping is $5.75 for USPS Priority Mail.
For international orders, please contact for shipping quotes.

Wasted Minute 1

In the debut issue, superheroes confront their most terrifying foe ever...day jobs! Watch in horror as the fastest, the strongest, the bravest, and the smartest are forced to enter the work force. Only to find they're either underqualified or overqualified for everything except being a hero. But crime is gone and heroes are no longer needed. So their days and nights that were once filled with adventure and excitement are now filled with job interviews and cubes and seemingly endless night shifts. Can these one-time heroes find a way to fight back?

Story & Art by Lewis Helfand
48-Page Signed Copy
Summer 2004, $2.95

Wasted Minute 2

Issue two finds the Wasted Minute gang searching for the hero within. The world no longer needs them to be heroic...but how easily can they give up the morals and ethics that they clung to for years? How easily could you? Would working long hours and bad jobs make you forget the difference between wrong and right? Would it justify using your powers to take advantage of your boss? To take advantage of your coworkers? And how much would you take? Where would you draw the line? Where would a former superhero?

Story & Art by Lewis Helfand
32-Page Signed Copy
Fall 2004, $2.50 

Wasted Minute 3

For an ordinary person, starting a new job entails little more than a different commute and a slightly different cube. But Janelle Jackson is no ordinary person. She is the smartest human being on Earth and a former superhero. And starting a new job becomes anything but ordinary as she finds herself connected to the murder of a colleague. A murder witnessed by everyone--but seen by no one. Plus, with no supervillains left to battle, Clive and Li wage war on vending machines and cash registers. Better hope they've got luck on their side, because it sounds like a losing battle.

Story by Lewis Helfand
Art by Mister E
32-Page Signed Copy
Spring 2005, $2.50

Wasted Minute 4

They were born with superhuman abilities. They put on costumes and fought crime because the world wanted them to. And they took off their costumes for the same reason. But what about the heroes who worked outside the law? The ones who never cared for what the world wanted...just what needed to be done. Find out as a vigilante returns from the darkness and isn't interested in trading her costume for a desk. Plus we learn the hard way that superheroes weren't meant to serve coffee.

Story by Lewis Helfand
Art by Sarah-Lynn Brown
32-Page Signed Copy
Summer 2005, $2.50


Wasted Minute 5

Wasted Minute #5 brings Clive face to face with that demonic scourge known as corporate training. Instead of spending his day staring at meaningless paperwork, he has to spend it listening to lectures about why it's only semi-meaningless...until a mysterious person from Clive's past decides to stir things up. Plus, Gideon lands a new temp job--but for how long?

Story by Lewis Helfand
Art by Mister E
32-Page Signed Copy
Summer 2006, $2.50

4320 #1

Part 1 of an all new, three-issue mini-series finds the world infected by a fatal virus. One that bestows its victims with unlimited superpower until they die three days later. For three days, they have the power to do anything...and nothing to lose.

Story by Lewis Helfand
Art by James Brady
32-Page Signed Copy
June 2009, $3.00

Wasted Minute T-Shirt

From the pages of Wasted Minute #3...Janelle Jackson points out the differences between waking up for a day of work and waking up for a blissful day of unemployment. Featuring full-color artwork by Mister E. All shirts are 100% cotton. Sizes available S-2XL. Wasted Minute logo on the front with artwork on the back. The perfect gift for boss' day.

T-Shirts, $10.00
Select Size...


Unmasked Seeking Same

The search for a soulmate is hard. Throw in superpowers, a spandex costume, and a secret identity...and it becomes almost impossible. But that's just the challenge for Shawn, Amanda, Lex and Tijuana--four close friends that just happen to be superheroes. Can they master online dating and have some semblance of a social life? It's doubtful. But it's Saturday night and they really don't feel like working.

Story by Lewis Helfand
Art by J.C. Grande
100-Page Signed Copy
Spring 2015, $17.99

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