Unmasked Seeking Same

The search for a soulmate is hard. Throw in superpowers, a spandex costume, and a secret identity...and it becomes almost impossible.

Imagine Friends or Seinfeld...if they happened to be superheroes. That's basically the gist of the story here.

Unmasked Seeking Same tells the story of four close friends; Shawn, Amanda, Lex and Tijuana. Like many of us, they are trying to meet someone, forge a real connection, start a relationship. And also like many of's not going all that well.

They struggle through bad dates, blind dates, speed dates, and online dating. Over beer and coffee, they trade horror stories of the train wrecks that their personal lives have become. And there's the slight chance they might fight a bit of crime or save a life or two. They are superheroes, after all. But it is Saturday night and they really don't feel like working.

The Heroes

Shawn Fields

Shawn's in love for the first time. He's met the woman of his dreams. And that would be the cue for his life to start falling apart.

Tijuana Bradley

Tijuana hates everyone. EVERYONE! That makes finding the right woman a bit of a challenge. Did I mention that she hates everyone?

Lexington Marit

Lex is searching for the perfect guy. The snag is that he thinks he is the perfect guy. Life becomes much more difficult when you actually have standards.

Amanda Kwon

Superhero with a social life. Amanda's learning the hard way that those two elements don't really go together.

Courtney Orlins

She looks a bit angry, doesn't she? That's because one of our intrepid heroes just wronged Courtney. And you don't wrong Courtney without there being consequences.

Paloma Diaz

Somebody's mystery date, perhaps? Or perhaps not. I don't want to give away all the story.

Police Commissioner Kelli Keniff

It's her job to make sure our little band of superheroes don't have time for a social life. Did I mention she's very good at her job?

And for an extra preview beyond the story basics and sketches...
you can check out the first three pages right here.

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